The Joker (2019) artwork framed print by Andrea Siegertsz


Print specifications

High quality ready to display as is, giclee fine art print.
A limited edition run of 300, complete with certificate of authenticity
stamped and signed by the artist.

Available sizes: 10 x 20 inches
Material: 315gsm soft textured natural white paper
Frame/mount: flat black gloss frame with 2 inch black mount with
white core. For safety purposes of postage glass is replaced with

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The Joker art piece. Andrea Siegertsz is a self taught artist working in acrylics and produces portraits featuring some of films great cult icons. Her art work conjures up the very emotions often felt or portrayed on the silver screen. As film is an escapism, so it is that through painting Andrea escapes the stresses of life creating instinctive pieces of art full of energy and depth. Rather than adding medium to her paints she chooses to layer her paintings, with slow and carefully considered strokes allowing her to achieve greater control of the depth of texture needed for each emerging piece. For Andrea it was whilst studying for her Ba (hons) in footwear design and manufacture, she glimpsed as part of her syllabus an introduction into art history and she was hooked. This was further nurtured during her career as a footwear designer, whilst on a business trip to Verona to check on the progress of the latest collection she was detoured by the agent ( the factory needed more time) to what is said to be Romeo and Juliettes balcony – the house was adorned with murals. As a result, she became compelled to return to art and over a period of 12 years or so she has built up a thriving mural business. The art work she produces today is a direct result of the years of experimenting with differing styles to meet her client’s needs, however she can now finally enjoy the freedom of creating her unique pieces without constraints.

More about the artist

That said she still loves to experiment and has a sketch book full of oddities and bizarre ideas that are yearning to be brought to life. Andrea lives in North Staffordshire surrounded by the chaos and joy of family life and painting. Check out our new experience Feast Escape Room Experience booking options here. For more information and to see our reviews click here.