Redrum Lounge and Bar

Redrum Lounge and Bar

Can we interest you in some Dutch courage? Why not take advantage of our exclusive Redrum and bar. Now serving coffees, teas, beers, wines & spirits (obviously) or perhaps a snack?

We at Paralysis escape rooms thought you looked like you needed a drink and so we made a bar!

Following your awesome experience playing one of our premium horror escape games why not take some time with your family, friends and loved ones to unwind; maybe before your next game.

We have exclusive cocktails for our games, Door 666(Entity), The Electric Chair(Phobia), Give me ED(Feast) and The Paralysis Party!

Redrum Lounge and Bar is the perfect place to relax between horror escape room games. With comfortable seating, a wide selection of drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere, Redrum is the perfect place to unwind after a harrowing experience. Our mission is to provide a relaxing environment for horror fans and those looking for a unique night out. Our vision is to create the best escape room experience in the world, and to become the go-to destination for horror fans everywhere.

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An image of a drink served at Paralysis Escape Rooms Stoke on Trent