Reaching out and seeking your support during the second lockdown

We are not just Paralysis escape rooms, we are a family created, developed and run business that has worked tirelessly to create something brave & new in the escape room industry, one that we have complete faith and trust in growing into a local business model as unique as it is exciting.  

Just before the first lockdown we where making big waves with over 200 reviews all giving us 5 stars. We are passionate about giving each and every person who visits us the absolute best experience each and every time and the reviews are gratefully appreciated as testament to the commitment and belief the whole team have in Paralysis. 

Thank you.

Pennywise Artwork (IT) Stephen King
Pennywise Artwork (IT) Stephen King

As the UK moves into the second lockdown we like other local small businesses will feel the impact severely. Operating in the leisure industry means that we, along with other escape rooms will need to close. As we are a dedicated Horror themed escape room have already felt the impact of the tier 2 restrictions that were previously imposed; as a large percentage of our guests come to play our games in groups of friends.

We understand the seriousness of Covid and have lead at the front with regards to processes and following guidelines including taking the action to block out 49 sessions per week to allow for cleaning in between games to keep our guests safe.

The funds will be used to maintain the business overheads as well as allow us to prepare to reopen with our latest room development completed, giving us the means us to survive and reopen with the best possible chance of making it through these unprecedented times.

The escape industry is still a fairly new concept that has enjoyed massive growth throughout the UK since its introduction just over 10 years ago and we are positioned in a wonderfully niche market of providing terrifyingly immersive and creatively puzzling games that allow the guests to fall into a different world – one of pure escapism!

However the escape room market is a dynamic one, where very few games are booked in advance meaning that we have little funding left from pre-booked games after most teams required refunds, which is understandable.

To get us through the coming month (possibly longer which is potentially forecast) we are looking for support straight away from any kind donations anyone could afford.

Your kind support will not only help to keep a family run business going through these hard times but will also allow Paralysis to develop into a recognised local brand we can all be proud of.

Your donations will change lives.

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