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Welcome to the New Entity Escape Room, the Paralysis Escape Room game that will take you on a thrilling investigation into the mysterious disappearance of siblings, Iris Stone and Tom.

On September 7th, 1940, something sinister took place in the once-peaceful home of Iris and Tom – they have vanished and their aunt and uncle were found dead. Rumour has it that the bored pair had ventured into the attic of the country home only to find an Ouija board.

Entity will challenge you to uncover what took place and solve this chilling mystery. Can you find out what happened to Iris and Tom? You will need to explore dark corners, unravel clues and decipher puzzles as you delve deeper into this gripping tale. Will your investigation lead you to the truth or do you need a priest?

Your courage is needed at Entity! Experience the spine-chilling adventure as you navigate through this exciting escape room game. Uncover what happened that fateful night and test yourself against ever-increasing levels of excitement while solving cryptic puzzles! Do you have what it takes to uncover the truth?

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The Paralysis Escape Room team has come up with scenarios that will challenge your problem-solving skills. At the same time, as a result, scaring the wits out of you. You’ll need to search for clues within the dark and dimly lit space. Where every corner could have lurking monsters or surprises. You will have a 60-minute time limit. Beware, running out of time could mean that you will be stuck in this horrifying cellar forever! As each clue reveals itself, all of a sudden so does a part of the mystery. Additionally to this, what happened in this place?

You will have to rely on your own instincts and wits to survive this horror-filled adventure. Be prepared to leave with more questions than answers! With jump scares around every corner, Phobia is not for the faint of heart! If you want an unforgettable experience filled with suspenseful thrills and chills, then check out Paralysis Escape Rooms’ action today!

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